Friday, February 8, 2013

Toasted Head: Chardonnay

Toasted Head's  Chardonnay is one of five varieties of wine that the brand produces. Stay tuned for later reviews of the remaining four types!

Price: $11.99

First Impressions:
Lauren: Tastes a little like pears, leaves an aftertaste on your palate
Jay: some citrus notes, almost sour or tart flavor, definitely a wine you have to take smaller sips of. 

Served it chilled but the taste improved as it got closer to room temperature (or we had just drunk enough to stop caring)

Fun Fact:
- Brand got it's name from the practice of toasting the inside of barrel heads to create a rich toasty flavor

Overall Impression: You can get better chardonnay's for your money

Lauren: 2 out of 5 corks
Jay: 2 out of 5 corks

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blue Fin: Pinot Noir 2011

Blue Fin: Pinot Noir 2011

Ok folks tonight there is a little different on the take of the wine.  After one long weekend of working in the blizzard Nemo I may have had this whole bottle to myself.  Sorry Lauren for not sharing.

Blue Fin is sold at Trader Joes.

First sip: On my first sip I got alot of cranberry and strawberry and just a mild bit of spice.  It was a light taste not overpowering at all. It was not a very dry wine but I enjoyed it a lot.

Aroma: you can smell the cranberries and also the spice.

Overall I thought Blue Fin was ok but for $3.99 I would buy it again for sure.

3 corks out of 5

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Deadbolt is a red blend or varietal from Pernod Ricard USA

Price: $10.99

First Impressions: 
Lauren:  Mellow, definitely doesn't assault the palate like many other red wines seem to do for me 
Jay: very smooth, not dry, lots of berry and cherry tastes, visually appealing, almost purplish in color

We had it slightly chilled and really liked it that way.

Overall Impression: A great wine for those looking to dabble. Great for people who are unsure if they'll enjoy red wines. 

Lauren: 3 out of 5 corks
Jay: 4 out of 5 corks